Why you need us

Technology and new business models are forcing change in every industry. The old product-centric approach has changed to one entirely focused on the customer. The customer is now the product – and every customer is unique.

Your market now consists of a million individual customer segments, each demanding a personalised product and a great customer experience. The days of mass-processing letters and their design models are over, replaced by digitised messages personalised to individuals based on what you know about them.

And we know a lot, because technology has fundamentally changed the way customers interact with organisations, and given us new ways to interpret and use the resulting data.

Most organisations still see themselves at the centre of the universe, looking out at the customer. But customers are on the outside looking in at all the options, and making decisions based on information instantly available on their smartphone. In this world of instant comparisons, the main source of competitive differentiation is customer experience. And great customer experience depends on exceptional customer communications.

The content of a message is the key. Technology then assembles and delivers it, exactly how the customer chooses to receive it—via app, email, bot, SMS, web page or letter.


5 Principles

These 5 principles result in exceptional customer experiences through clear communication.

1. Rationalise

Reduce your templates and simplify your business processes: get one thing to do many things. You'll end up with dramatically reduced complexity and maintenance costs.

2. Simplify

Clearly define what you need to know and what you need to do. Then your customers will understand you, and do what you ask without having to call.

3. Digitise

Use a single template to deliver to multiple channels according to customer preferences.

4. Personalise

Create personalised customer experiences with messages tailored to the individual, so your customers feel they are understood and getting what they want.

5. Optimise

Assemble messages from re-useable content blocks, inserting secondary messages to create an efficient new marketing channel.

What the future looks like

We apply these 5 principles to make your communications ...

... generate an optimal member experience

... embody your brand and its values

... take advantage of all available delivery channels

... easy to maintain as products and regulations change

... drive productivity gains in both front and back office teams

... use separated data and content to create flexibility and easy content re-useability

... enable education, cross sell or retention messaging

Personalisation puts your customer at the centre of your business.


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