Who We Are

The Customer Centrics team, what we believe in, our partners, and who we work with.

Sean Sim

Managing Director
Sean is a highly-experienced information technology executive with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. He is an expert in the changes that technology innovation and disruptive business models bring, and what organisations need to do to stay in front of an ever-changing set of fast followers.

Ben Meek

Ben is an entrepreneur and strategist and has over 30 years of business and technology experience gained in a wide variety of engineering, consulting and senior management roles globally.

Elise Fowler

Head of Delivery
CCM Strategy & Governance, Technical Services and Content & Creative
Elise is one of Australia’s leading CCM experts, with over a decade of experience implementing large-scale communications programmes using DocOne/EngageOne, SmartComms and Quadient Inspire.

What we believe


We believe in delivering the best possible outcome for our clients, and why? Because we genuinely believe in what we’re doing.


We believe in upfront, honest, fair dealing. We don’t play mind games and we don’t try to mislead to gain advantage.


We’ll tell you the hard stuff, the things you don’t want to hear even though you know you need to. We don’t sugar-coat.

Future thinking

We are the forefront of a revolution in the way organisations communicate with their customers. The old ways are gone, we’re looking forward.

Who we work with


Teachers Health
MLC Life
Southern Cross Health (NZ)
Tower (NZ)
Sovereign (NZ)
Auto & General


Bank of New Zealand


Australian Taxation Office
Internal Revenue Department (NZ)


Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
First State Super


Water Corporation (Western Australia)

Who we partner with


Quadient (formerly GMC) are the world leaders in Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology. Their Inspire platform is the communications foundation for thousands of leading organisations worldwide, and they are at the forefront of communications in customer experience.


We work with the world’s largest technology services company to help them provide the sort of detailed analysis they’re famous for. DXC recognise the value we bring to any discussion of future communications capability.

Some case studies


Victorian health fund GMHBA had grown rapidly through acquisition and found itself trying to maintain over 1,300 message templates across four brands. This unsustainable situation was remedied when Customer Centrics ran a Discovery programme and determined that they needed just 230 to handle their end-to-end communications.

In just four months we produced a complete set of messages capable of delivery under any brand to any channel. By the time the last messages were being signed off, the first ones we did had gone live.

Southern Cross Health (NZ)

Auckland-based Southern Cross are universally acknowledged by their peers in the insurance industry to be the leaders in customer experience. Despite this, they approached us for guidance when formulating their five-year roadmap for digital communications.

We conducted a thorough investigation of their systems and capabilities, providing a detailed report showing current state, desired state and how to get from one to the other. We have since been working with them to implement the findings of this report.

Teachers Health

Given an opportunity to rejuvenate their member communications as part of a CCM system refresh, Teachers Health recognised that they had neither the expertise nor the time to do this themselves. They invited Customer Centrics to re-write and re-design their entire suite of customer communications from on-boarding to claim.

In the process we reduced their template library by 60% and created a set of templates capable of multi-channel delivery from common content blocks, dramatically reducing their ongoing maintenance costs.


In 2016 DXC invited us to join their consortium at the Australian Taxation Office to help them run an organisation-wide communication transformation programme.

First we helped the ATO determine the strategic direction and priorities of the programme. We then succeeded in accelerating the programme’s deliverable finished templates from just one in 2015 to over 60 in the first six months of 2016, rationalising out of existence over 100 existing templates along the way.

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